I wonder is it too late to welcome/ignore the coming of 2010. Oh wait, it is already 2010 right? Let me check. Hold for a moment please. Ooohh yes, it is already mid January. I am well aware of how long I haven’t been blogging. Not that I have gone completely depressed and killed myself a few times or I have recovered. It is simply because I want to learn to stop whining about myself, the world and everybody else. And the reason why I have the time to blog today isn’t because of any special reason, I just suddenly remember the fact that how long I haven’t been blogging and it seems kind of abnormal. I need to blog more as I realize my writing isn’t as good as before, even my brain has gone all rusty. I am sick again and I didn’t attend school this morning. First lazy day of this semester, not exactly a good start.

Still groggy from all the sleeping and medicine, I can’t hardly function normally now. Not much expectations for this new year. Just want everybody to be happy and healthy, and get what they want and deserve.

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